Welcome to Hell

“Billy Pratt wanders and wonders through the ruins of what is left of our civilization and provides poolside musings on the façade of what passes for human relationships in our atomized present day. With more than a helping of melancholy and longing for things which are now past, Pratt writes in the mold of Delicious Tacos midway through an existential crisis. Enjoy these Despairing Tacos.” — Mencius Moldbugman, contributor to Ending Bigly: The Many Fates of Donald Trump

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Terror House Summer Sale

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Dragon Day

“Remember the quiet kid in class, the one you always willfully ignored? This is his story. Dragon Day is destined to become an incel classic.” — James Nulick, author of Valencia and The Moon Down to Earth

Scattered Scenes of Sex and Violence

“Benjamin Welton’s Scattered Scenes of Sex and Violence is a remarkable book that defies categorization…Welton’s portrayal of the millennials is as a ‘lost generation,’ as Gertrude Stein once said. The heart of darkness in humanity dances across the pages in the form of meaningless sex, ear-destroying heavy metal music, unending boredom that is punctuated by an eternity of college beer pong tournaments…For his generation, Welton believes the meaning that they seek is ‘we crave the grave and the bedroom above all.’ Welton’s generation has lost its soul, had it stolen away, or never had one to begin with…Welton’s book may become the classic work of presenting the millennial generation as a culture waiting for the sun to rise and illuminate the darkness. — Ralph Monday, author of Empty Houses and American Renditions and Bergman’s Island and Other Poems


“These poems are expressive of a life, a modern life, from a point of view that is both familiar to global readers and specific to unique aspects of the author’s culture. There’s a precision of perception, of moments chosen for illumination—unusual perceptions, such as the specificity of a cicada chorus or noticing only fallen blossoms. The reader becomes fully in the moment of the poem and thus gets to experience life from another point of view.” — Su Zi, editor of Red Mare

We Simply Are Not There: An Interview with “Bad” Billy Pratt

Tomorrow, Terror House Press will release its 27th book: Welcome to Hell by "Bad" Billy Pratt, a trippy, hypnagogic meditation on modern dating, the nature of identity in our atomized society, and other topics. Known for his incisive essays and funny Tweets, Pratt's...

Terror House Radio, Episode #58: Breaking Buck

On this episode of Terror House Radio, Matt Forney and Bryden Proctor discuss literature, philosophy, film, music, and more. The show will air live this evening at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific. Watch the show below (you can also use it to watch a recording after the show...

Dragon Day Out Now: Buy it for 40% Off This Weekend Only

Terror House Press is pleased to announce the release of its 26th book: Dragon Day by Matthew Pegas. Dragon Day is a dark, comedic novel about inceldom, political extremism, and online radicalization among young men. James Nulick, author of Valencia and The Moon Down...