Unsqualified Preservations

“Here, in your hands, you have a tome that captures the true horror of the modern world in a way that only a writer whose pen name is a union of Moldbug and Bugman could, for the author is both analyst and patient, at once high up in the clouds and down in the dirt with the worms. In these unnerving, hilarious short stories, you’ll learn more about corporate hell, childhood addiction, and mukbang videos than you could ever possibly want to know. Dark, disturbing, depraved: the world of the Moldbugman is your world—you just didn’t know it.” — Raw Egg Nationalist, author of Raw Egg Nationalism

LibertyCon Book Sale

All Terror House paperbacks and audiobooks are on sale for 25 percent off, all e-books are on sale for $0.99 each, and all merch is on sale for 15 percent off through June 21.


“Nowicki is a druid in this world, his pen a mighty staff with which he paces through its dark forests, using the pointed shadows of fiction to illuminate and comment on our increasingly errant reality.” — Colin Liddell, author of Interviews and Obituaries

Ending Bigly, Eh? The Many Fates of Justin Trudeau

“In 20 years when Trudeau finally learn value of work and meaning, for a being like him can only find purpose in being a brick in the edifice of a greater man: and he will feel much relief as he work hard to put marble blocks stack high one on another building mile-high statue of Barron in Antarctica for temple. Then looking at this collection assembled here by Bill Marchant he will see he has arrived at best of all his possible futures, and has redeemed his life of catamite actor, in which he is now starring in comic role as supposed leader of supposed Canada.” — Bronze Age Pervert, author of Bronze Age Mindset

Falling Through the World

“Leslie D. Soule is an incredible poet whose latest offering, Falling Through the World, is a look at life as it is, as one wants it to be, and how it can always be worse. While Soule’s longest poem is the better-than-Ginsburg “Sometimes it Yips Back,” most of her work here include short, impactful introspections at loneliness, creativity, and the life of an artist. Falling Through the World looks at the contemporary epoch, hates it, but finds it poetic all the same.” — Arbogast

Beyond Your Imagination: An Interview with Mencius Moldbugman

Tomorrow, Terror House Press will release its 38th book: Unsqualified Preservations by Mencius Moldbugman, a humor- and horror-themed short story collection examining Internet addiction, social justice, workplace culture, and other topics. Famed for his witty and...