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letters from a heartbroken pervertLetters from a Heartbroken Pervert

by Richard Power

“Breakups are harder for perverts, because there’s only so many of us out there. We both know it.”

Welcome to 21st century America. A country in which Tiger Beat tells teenage girls how to perform rusty trombones while incels fume on obscure imageboards. A land in which college graduates deliver pizza and wait tables for less than minimum wage. A world in which sex is everywhere, yet nowhere, and love—the most precious thing in the world—is as elusive as steady employment and 401ks.

Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert is a comic, tender meditation on the state of modern dating. Richard Power’s debut memoir examines the millennial generation’s human wreckage, exploring its dreams, its delusions, and its longing for the one thing that the 21st century can’t provide: love.

Originally serialized on MattForney.com and Terror House Magazine from 2015 to 2018, Terror House Press is proud to bring this underground hit into print. This edition of the book includes a new foreword by publisher Matt Forney.

the columbine pilgrimThe Columbine Pilgrim

by Andy Nowicki

“Columbine! My port in the storm of my life. Columbine, my religion! Oh, little town of Littleton…Immaculate Heart of Colorado, flower of my faith…sweet refuge.”

Meet Tony Meander. He’s a devotee of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two teens who carried out the Columbine High School massacre on April 20th, 1999. The Columbine shooting may have shocked America and the world, but to legions of bullied nerds across the planet, “Reb” and “Vodka” became heroes, avenging angels striking back against a world that had abused them. Meander is one of those nerds, a man whose journey to Columbine changes him forever, setting forth a dark plot that will make his name go down in history.

Described as “Joker before Joker,” The Columbine Pilgrim is an affecting and twisted examination of loneliness, bullying, and revenge. Andy Nowicki’s novella is a look at the forgotten man: his trials, his self-deceptions, and what he becomes capable of when the world drives him to madness.

Originally published by Counter-Currents Publishing in 2011, Terror House Press is proud to bring this modern classic back into print. This second edition includes a new foreword by Colin Liddell and an afterword by Nowicki, where he looks back on the nine years since the book’s publication.

bronan the barbarianThe Chronicles of Bronan the Barbarian: A Humor Compilation 2010-2013

by Matt Lawrence

Bronan the Barbarian was a website written and published by Matt Lawrence from 2010 to 2013 and was one of the founding blogs of the “manosphere,” a masculine cultural scene that played a pivotal role in shaping modern society. Lawrence wrote daily articles on everything from bizarre freaks he met at the gym to stories of screwed-up women he dated and everything in between. In contrast to the serious tone many of his peers took, Lawrence wrote to entertain first and foremost, leavening his perspective with humor and wit. While the manosphere may have faded away, its influence on modern dissident culture cannot be denied, with some of its major figures becoming household names in their own right.

The Chronicles of Bronan the Barbarian is a collection of Lawrence’s best articles, available in book form for the first time. Whether you’re reading Lawrence’s secrets to getting laid on Craigslist, learning how his dad taught him about the birds and the bees, or discovering how ladies can give their coochie more Gucci, The Chronicles of Bronan the Barbarian is sure to make you laugh hard enough for a 7 Poop Day.

This edition of the book includes a new foreword by publisher Matt Forney.

into the vortexInto the Vortex

by Brian Eckert

“I had a decision to make. I was being called aboard the craft. But I hesitated. I was not ready. It was not time.”

Zayne Moxley is in a bit of a rut. On paper, he has it made; as a writer for one of America’s leading men’s magazines, he gets paid to travel the world and have sex with beautiful women. But like most people in our consumerist, focus-grouped world, he longs for something more. When Moxley journeys to Arizona to write a feature on the New Age movement, he inadvertently becomes the “King of the NEETs,” a prophet to countless disaffected young people, setting the world on a path to chaos.

Into the Vortex is a darkly comic examination of consumerism, identity, and anomie. Brian Eckert’s debut novel explores the emptiness of 21st century life, the yearning for something beyond Netflix and video games, and how advertisers and phony “spiritual gurus” prey on the listlessness of modern people.

with light and dustWith Light and Dust

by Xi Nan and Fish Lu

translated by Xi Nan

With Light and Dust is a poetry volume bringing together Xi Nan and Fish Lu, two of the finest minds in contemporary Chinese literature. Comprising four different poetry selections, from Xi Nan’s account of living in northern China in “1303” to Fish Lu’s examination of modern mundanity in “Fire Hydrant,” With Light and Dust explores urban living, cultural change, and beauty from a non-Western lens.

With Light and Dust is the English-language poetry debut of Xi Nan and Fish Lu. This edition of the book was translated by Xi Nan and features a preface from both authors.

sick inside the citadelSick Inside the Citadel

by Benjamin Welton

“She was clearly dead. In the few seconds that I looked at the body, I could tell that her death had something to do with the knife sticking out of her throat.”

A trophy wife tired of her husband’s fetish. A pair of rednecks plotting to rob a gated community. A black metal musician who recorded himself murdering his girlfriend before committing suicide.

Sick Inside the Citadel is a collection of over a dozen of Benjamin Welton’s best short stories and poems. Drawing on the rich American Gothic tradition pioneered by writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Flannery O’Connor, Sick Inside the Citadel examines perversity, insanity, and the dark underbelly of modern society.

Originally self-published by Welton in 2019, Terror House Press is proud to bring Sick Inside the Citadel back into print. This collection includes several stories and poems published by Terror House Magazine in 2018.

under the nihilUnder the Nihil

by Andy Nowicki

“I go forth, without apprehension, to my own abortion; I will dilate myself, extract myself, blow myself up.”

Enter the life of an unnamed American man. Ejected from Catholic seminary school for his social awkwardness, pitied and loathed by his family, he has failed at everything in life. After being hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, he’s approached by a government agent who offers to pay him to test out an experimental drug designed to make people as fearless as Muslim suicide bombers. He takes the deal, sending him on a bizarre adventure that destroys him and everyone he knows.

Under the Nihil is a bleak look at comfort, freedom, and inhibition in modern society. Andy Nowicki’s second novella is an analysis of American values, its endless wars in the Middle East, and what happens when a nation addicted to leisure must confront those who fear nothing, not even death.

Originally published by Counter-Currents Publishing in 2011, Terror House Press is proud to bring this modern classic back into print.

masculinity amidst madnessMasculinity Amidst Madness

by Ryan Landry

“Modern man fears not the unknown, but the known that he fails to honor, the known against which he fears he cannot measure.”

The world is on fire. Everything you know—or thought you knew—is being destroyed before your eyes. Culture is perverted, nations are subverted, and reality itself is being warped through nonstop gaslighting. In a world where you can’t trust governments, the police, or even your own countrymen to take your side, you are the only man you can rely upon. But how do you carve your own path when you’ve been trained from birth to be an observer, a consumer, a swine eating the slop poured out for you?

Masculinity Amidst Madness has the answer. Rooted in philosophy, history, and his own life experiences, Ryan Landry’s first book is a discussion of the world we’re living in, the future laid out for us, and how you can become a man capable of thriving in the chaos to come.

This edition of the book includes a new foreword by Bronze Age Pervert, author of the smash hit Bronze Age Mindset.


by Benjamin Welton

PANIC is a collection of over 20 of Benjamin Welton’s best poems, touching on fear, loneliness, insanity, and more. Rooted in the tradition of Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe, Welton’s poetry brings an American Gothic sensibility to the 21st century, examining history, the supernatural, and the panic we all feel living in modern society.

Featuring work published at Social Matter and other literary journals that are no longer online, Terror House Press is proud to bring Welton’s poetry back into print. PANIC also includes several poems published by Terror House Magazine in 2018 and 2019.

bluff cityBluff City

by David Lohrey

“That was my first lesson as a male prostitute. Prostitutes don’t own things. There’s only a rental agreement, no contract. One needs to get serious.”

America is a nation in decline; that much is obvious. At what point did America go from splitting the atom to smashing statues, from Southern hospitality to apathetic vulgarity, from conquest and victory to dysfunction and defeat? There’s a lot of ruin in a nation, and the best observer of that ruin is a man who’s spent his life watching the buildings fall down.

Bluff City is a collection of over 40 of David Lohrey’s best short stories, poems, and more. Drawing on his Southern upbringing, background as a teacher, and life as an expat, Lohrey cuts through the white noise of American culture with trenchant observations and dark wit on everything from Elvis groupies to inner-city schools to Japanese porn theaters and more.

This collection includes several stories and poems published by Terror House Magazine from 2018 to 2020.

my mentor deathMy Mentor, Death

by Leslie D. Soule

“And now the ghosts and the dust settle in on my heart and I have no children, no apple trees, or sunshine. Only tears.”

My Mentor, Death is a collection of over 40 of Leslie D. Soule’s best poems, meditating on modernity, loss, and more. With deft language and cutting wit, Soule’s poetry illuminates the twisted landscape of the 21st century, creating a tableau of lost loves, depersonalization, and that specter that comes for all of us: death.

My Mentor, Death includes several poems published by Terror House Magazine in 2018 and 2019.

6 to 66 to 6

by Mather Schneider

“I don’t want to hang out with the puke-faces I work with. Who would? The meth-mouths, the crackheads, the criminals. Cab drivers are scum. I’m sorry.”

Taxi drivers are part of the lifeblood of every city. They’re responsible for taking everyone where they need to go, from rich yuppies hopped up on coke to senile old people on government vouchers. They know the best routes to take, where you can have a good time, and where the bodies are buried. On a long enough timeline, taxi drivers will see the best and worst that the world has to offer.

6 to 6 is Mather Schneider’s memoir of his years as a taxi driver and the panoply of mental asylum escapees, Hispanic gangsters, drunk businessmen, and other colorful figures who’ve ridden in his cab. With clean prose and dry wit, 6 to 6 is an uncompromising look at humanity filtered through the eyes of a working man.

Originally serialized on Terror House Magazine from 2019 to 2020, Terror House Press is proud to bring this modern classic into print.

lost violent soulsLost Violent Souls

by Andy Nowicki

“Oswald brooded for weeks afterwards, but never told anyone about what he’d tried to do that day; not a soul in the entire world knew the significance of that window on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building in Dallas, Texas.”

Two teenage school shooters visiting a diner. A pair of Catholic school teachers having a seedy affair. An alternate reality where Lee Harvey Oswald never pulled the trigger.

Lost Violent Souls is a collection of five short stories by Andy Nowicki, focusing on the sordid lives of desperate losers. With his trademark wit and attention to detail, Nowicki weaves bleak tales of marginal individuals who yearn to leave their mark on the world, always coming up short due to their own failings and the corrupt nature of humanity.

Originally published by Counter-Currents Publishing in 2013, Terror House Press is proud to bring this forgotten gem back into print.

everything fun is illegal or immoralEverything Fun is Illegal or Immoral

by Charlie Chitty

“As I was threading the noose around my head, I couldn’t help but relax. Probably for the first time in my entire life.”

Everything Fun is Illegal or Immoral is a collection of over 50 of Charlie Chitty’s best poems, touching on Internet culture, drinking, the mundanity of modern life, and more. With cutting wit and a wry perspective, Chitty gives voice to the foibles of modern society, the chaos of the news, and the joy of being loved by our families, friends, and pets.

the white swanThe White Swan

by Faisal Marzipan

“People need trees, people need beauty. This is the life of the White Swan.”

The White Swan is a exhortation of power and beauty. The literary debut of short story author, parodist, and new immigrant Faisal Marzipan, The White Swan blends cultural critique, satire, Christianity, and social commentary into a masterwork aimed at reinvigorating the modern man. In a world drowning in lies and ugliness, Marzipan’s work forms the pièce de résistance of a new wave of outsider literature and cultural renewal.

The Pilgrim’s Digressthe pilgrim's digress

by T.J. Martinell

“I want you to remember that. I want the next generation to remember, so you don’t have to burn down something you love because you didn’t do what was needed to save it when you had the chance.”

We all know that collapse is coming. But what happens afterwards?

Enter the life of Amos Cavendish, a veteran of the Turbulent Era, a period of violent conflict and moral degeneracy. Cavendish leads a group of “puritans,” bounty hunters responsible for enforcing the decency laws of the provisional Commonwealth government and the Church that controls it. Shutting down perverts, pornographers, and sexbot manufacturers is all in a day’s work for these men. But when Cavendish is tasked to hunt down Leonard Meyer, a pre-Turbulent Era government censor turned free speech activist, he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of the Church.

The Pilgrim’s Digress is an exploration of freedom, religion, and social renewal. T.J. Martinell’s “post-dystopian” novella examines the tension between free expression and morality, the follies of putting your faith in man, and how to rebuild civilization after it falls apart.

Originally serialized on Terror House Magazine in 2020, Terror House Press is proud to bring this underground hit into print.

ending biglyEnding Bigly: The Many Fates of Donald Trump

edited by Bill Marchant

“Trump is America’s Caesar; who will be Virgil? Will I be the American Virgil? Which of the myths I’ve made will become part of the very fabric of America the Empire? HOW WILL TRUMP END?”

Donald Trump. Whether you love him or loathe him, there’s no denying that Trump’s presidency has profoundly changed America—and the world—in every conceivable way. But Trump’s term in office, like all things, will eventually be over. Will he retire quietly? Go out in a blaze of glory? Get a second term? How will Trump end?

Ending Bigly: The Many Fates of Donald Trump is a literary anthology that attempts to answer that question. Edited by Canadian author Bill Marchant and featuring over two dozen short stories, poems, essays, and more, Ending Bigly is a comedic and incisive work that offers a glimpse at the post-Trump future. The book includes contributions from some of the finest literary minds of our age, including Bronze Age Pervert, Hans G. Schantz, Gio Penn, Faisal Marzipan, Mencius Moldbugman, and many others.

broken uterusBroken Uterus

by Cai Gentan

translated by Xi Nan

“They just squat and occupy it. Even when they are sick, they still want to occupy something.”

Broken Uterus is a collection of poems by Cai Gentan, one of the most celebrated voices in contemporary Chinese poetry. Comprising five distinct chapters focusing on sexual relationships, Chinese history, hospital life, and more, Gentan’s clear-eyed, stark verse offers an engaging and comedic glimpse at modern China and its cultural contradictions.

Broken Uterus is the English-language poetry debut of Cai Gentan. This edition of the book was translated by Chinese poet Xi Nan and features a introduction by her. Broken Uterus also includes several poems published by Terror House Magazine in 2019.

spectres of saturnSpectres of Saturn

by Patrick Kilgore

“You who are utter filth, solitude, and ugliness. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Spectres of Saturn is a collection of over 30 of Patrick Kilgore’s best poems, examining sex, loneliness, the modern world, and more. With raw energy and stark language, Kilgore encapsulates the chaotic and contradictory nature of our increasingly sexless, sterile, and online society.

Spectres of Saturn includes several poems published by Terror House Magazine in 2020.

heart killerHeart Killer

by Andy Nowicki

“…it may be said that only the bad live twice, as indeed I have. Yes, the Lord reserves that particular fate for those whom he truly hates.”

Atlanta, 1987. FBI profiler and feminist icon Frances Lazarus is dispatched to Cordelia Academy, a preppy suburban high school, after a wave of suicides among teenage girls. Her investigation of the “Cordelia Heart-Killer” leads her to Johann Salvadorus, a self-proclaimed “carnal terrorist” and the school’s resident outcast. In the process, Frances is forced to confront her own sexual depravity, sending her and Johann on a journey towards mutual annihilation.

Blending erotica, police procedural, science fiction, and alternate history, Heart Killer is a piercing look at modern sexual relationships, sadomasochism, and desire. Andy Nowicki’s novel lifts up the floorboards of human sexuality to examine the rot underneath, shining a light on that unseen monster which consumes us all: lust.

Originally published by ER Books in 2012, Terror House Press is proud to bring this affecting work back into print.

bergmanBergman’s Island and Other Poems

by Ralph Monday

“Really, what can you do with love?”

Bergman’s Island and Other Poems is a collection of over three dozen of Ralph Monday’s best poems, exploring 20th century history, American culture, film, and more. In the tradition of Wallace Stevens and other modernist poets, Monday holds a magnifying glass up to our debased society and the quirks of a nation in decline.

Originally published as an e-book by Poetry Repairs in 2017, Terror House Press is proud to bring Bergman’s Island and Other Poems back for a new audience. The book includes several poems published by Terror House Magazine in 2019 and 2020.


by Jay Black

“He had excused himself from the world without reluctance, remorse, or the sense that his time on Earth had held a shred of redemptive value.”

Enter the life of John Richter. Discharged from the Canadian military due to a base closure and locked out of gainful employment because of affirmative action, he stews in resentment at the immigrants, gays, and uppity women taking over his beloved country. When Richter takes a job as a rat exterminator following a garbage workers’ strike, his self-delusion, mental illness, and rage at the world lead him down a path to infamy and self-destruction.

Set against the backdrop of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Guttersnipe is a piercing examination of progressivism, multiculturalism, and white male entitlement. Jay Black’s debut novella is an uncomfortable look at the men who fall through the cracks and how society’s failures can turn the mentally ill into monsters.

Originally published by Black Ink Books in 2004, Guttersnipe was the subject of a hate speech investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This edition of the book includes an afterword by Black reflecting on the RCMP investigation and his motivations for writing the novella.


by Wang Yin

translated by Xi Nan

Freedom is a collection of 60 poems by Wang Yin, one of the most incisive and observant voices in modern Chinese poetry. Focusing on music, nightlife, and the culture of contemporary China, Wang Yin’s wit and humor offer an original perspective on modern society.

Freedom is the English-language poetry debut of Wang Yin. This bilingual volume includes poems in both English and Chinese, translated and compiled by Chinese poet Xi Nan and featuring a introduction by her. Freedom also includes several poems published by Terror House Magazine in 2020.

scattered scenes of sex and violenceScattered Scenes of Sex and Violence

by Benjamin Welton

“That was my first brush with death, the final form of violence.”

It’s a cliché that all literature revolves around sex and death, but there’s more than a bit of truth to it. Even in our sanitized, civilized world, sex and violence, when we experience them, often turn out to be defining moments in our lives. Whether its losing our virginity to dealing with a bunny boiler, joining the military to witnessing a DUI, bloodletting and bumping uglies remain the anchors around which the human experience is moored.

Scattered Scenes of Sex and Violence is Benjamin Welton’s comedic, frank look at lust and death. Comprising 14 episodes from Welton’s own life, he relays his failed sexual escapades, run-ins with his own mortality, and more with brutal honesty and a clear voice.

This collection includes several stories published by Terror House Magazine in 2019.

dragon dayDragon Day

by Matthew Pegas

“He promised himself that the next time he found himself in a similar situation, he would really do it: really reach out and assert himself with his fist.”

Meet Toby Sharpe, a naive, pimple-faced freshman studying at a stridently progressive university outside of New York City. Aimless and insecure, Toby falls under the wing of Thomas Wallingford, a charismatic English professor beloved for his Marxist politics and laid-back attitude. However, Wallingford’s woke activism and postmodern pretensions mask a darker secret, one that leads Toby and those connected to him down a path to ruin.

Dragon Day is a tragicomic glimpse at America’s culture war and social atomization. Matthew Pegas’ debut novel offers a cutting and satirical look at the rise of the alt-right and their antifa counterparts, the incel mindset, and the factors that radicalize young men.

welcome to hellWelcome to Hell

by “Bad” Billy Pratt

“When the fantasy is all that’s left, the impulse is to get lost in it. You want to forget that you’re an arm above the water and your legs are giving out.”

Modernity is Hell. It’s a sentiment shared by many people, even if they aren’t honest enough to admit it. But what is Hell? Hell is the impermanence of identity, the death of authenticity, the absence of love. It’s the unsettling nothing you feel as you amble to work and back, numbingly consuming pop culture pleasures, sleepwalking your way through dead-end sexual encounters. Hell is the void, the death of God, the blurring of reality and fantasy, your own consciousness lost in the stew.

Welcome to Hell is a clear-eyed, touching examination of the world we live in. Equal parts memoir, cultural critique, meditation, and lament, “Bad” Billy Pratt’s literary debut traces a poignant line through his failed relationships and other life experiences, painting a stark picture of the abyss that we’ve been condemned to.

the insurrectionistThe Insurrectionist

by Andy Nowicki

“My ways were not their ways, nor my dreams their dreams. My dreams were in fact made of entirely different stuff from theirs. But now they were all dead, and only I remained alive.”

Welcome to the new normal. In the near future, humanity has been united into a one-world government following an attack by malevolent, mysterious aliens known only as “Overlords.” Despite the supposed threat posed by the aliens, the new Global Government is more focused on cracking down on civil liberties and pacifying the surviving humans with a new designer drug called “zap.” When a man who lost his family during the Overlords’ attack encounters a strange woman in his living room one day, he becomes ensnared in a dark plot reaching the highest levels of world power.

The Insurrectionist is a piercing look at censorship, conspiracy, and social control in the modern era. Andy Nowicki’s first new work of fiction in seven years, The Insurrectionist offers a wry and bleak look at the “crises” plaguing our society and the sinister schemes that may be in store for the human race.

rhythm and mucousRhythm & Mucous

by Mather Schneider

“Get some snacks, eh Fatty? Lose any fat yet? Doesn’t look like it!”

Rhythm & Mucous is a collection of over three dozen of Mather Schneider’s best poems, exploring working-class life, Mexican culture, and more. In the tradition of Charles Bukowski, John Fante, and other chronicles of American low-life, Schneider offers a bleak, tender, and comedic look at everyday misery and debauchery.

luminariaLuminaria: Tales of Earth and Oran, Love and Revenge

by K.H. Mezek

“Rey does not disdain or deny the spirit. He would like to think he embraces it. But the reality is that it fills him with fear. It’s the only thing that makes him afraid. He’s afraid of me. But this he would never admit.”

1980’s Los Angeles. All eyes are on the world premiere of Moon Wars, adapted from the hit science fiction novel by Lance Rey. Fans and paparazzi loll their tongues over Moon Wars’ star-studded cast, unaware of the dark web of crime and murder centered on the book’s reclusive “author.” A struggling artist, an amateur kickboxer, an unhappy trophy wife, an undercover FBI agent; these and more are the women who know who Lance Rey truly is, who’ve had their lives torn apart by his machinations, and who are now out for revenge.

Luminaria is a poignant examination of love, vengeance, and conspiracy in modern America. Blending science fiction, fantasy, action, and romance, K.H. Mezek’s novel portrays life through the eyes of women from all walks of life and provides a piercing commentary on American culture.

Originally serialized on Terror House Magazine from 2020 to 2021, Terror House Press is proud to bring this modern classic into print.

psyche and specterPsyche and Specter

by Chris Moran

“I sense that I am not complete. Something is missing in me. The rebel angels want the missing part of me.”

Psyche and Specter is a collection of over four dozen of Chris Moran’s best poems, examining the nature of human consciousness, reality, and more. With calculated, cutting language, Moran takes the reader into a journey into the realm of the soul, carving a twisting path through space and time to lay bare the nature of “the ghost that thinks.”

the legend of foreniaThe Legend of Forenia: The Twilight Kingdom

by T.J. Martinell

“I was content to merely be supreme guardian. Now, I will become a god.”

Jed Hayes was a typical teenager in most ways; that is until he somehow found himself transported to the land of Forenia, a medieval realm recently conquered and united by the ruthless General Grancaliga, who seeks to ascend to godhood. Caught between Grancaliga’s armies and the tiny resistance to his rule, Jed is tasked with escorting Kara, a mysterious young woman who holds the key to thwarting Grancaliga’s plot. In the process, Jed is forced to overcome numerous challenges, confront his personal demons, and live up to his family’s legacy of service in the U.S. military.

The Legend of Forenia: The Twilight Kingdom is an examination of masculinity, megalomania, and courage. With parallels to the modern world, T.J. Martinell’s fantasy novella takes an energetic look at the struggles of young men, the twisted ambitions of our elite, and the sharp contrast between the bloodless nature of our society and the lofty virtues of our forerunners.

Originally serialized on Terror House Magazine in 2020, Terror House Press is proud to bring this memorable classic into print.

justin geoffreyFull Moon Reaction

by Justin Geoffrey

“At 8:30, I somehow manage to fall asleep. I do not dream. I never dream.”

Full Moon Reaction is a piercing, comedic, and unnerving glimpse into the rot of American culture. Justin Geoffrey’s literary debut, his book delves into the “secret history” of the U.S., connecting modern political trends and his personal experiences to the occult forces that have shaped our lives. With wit and erudition, Full Moon Reaction explores the true nature of our world and offers sardonic remedies to society’s problems.

blood poppyBlood Poppy

by Jay Black

“How do you think your dad’s going to react when he finds out the heroin in the shot that nearly killed you came from the same place your brother was killed?”

Vancouver, 2008. Retired police detective Thomas “Poppy” Popoff has been struck by personal tragedy, his son David killed while fighting with the Canadian military in Afghanistan. At the same time, his other son, Danny, a lifelong heroin addict, nearly dies from a lethal dose of heroin, with a Honduran drug dealer and illegal immigrant the primary suspect. Drawn into the police investigation into Danny’s near-murder, Poppy is pulled into a web of intrigue and corruption reaching up to the highest echelons of Canadian society.

Blood Poppy is a thrilling and poignant look at drug addiction, gang crime, and social dissolution in Canada and North America. Jay Black’s sophomore novel takes aim at the role of the Afghan War in perpetuating heroin trafficking, examining timeless themes such as fatherhood and duty while offering a critical commentary on one of the key problems of modern society.

falling through the worldFalling Through the World

by Leslie D. Soule

“The world howls—sometimes, the moon yips back.”

Falling Through the World is a collection of 50 new poems by Leslie D. Soule’s best poems, examining relationships, modernity, and other topics. With her characteristic wit and poignancy, Soule sketches a path of dislocation through the problems that we all face.

Falling Through the World includes several poems published by Terror House Magazine in 2020.

ending bigly ehEnding Bigly, Eh? The Many Fates of Justin Trudeau

Edited by Bill Marchant

“Every person there absolutely insisted that he knew exactly what had happened to Justin Trudeau, and not one person agreed with another.”

Justin Trudeau. Ever since he took office in 2015, Canada’s 23rd prime minister has become a deeply polarizing figure, beloved by some for his supposed defense of democracy and liberal values and reviled by others for his response to the pandemic and the trucker protests. But regardless of how you feel about Trudeau, his time in office will eventually come to an end. Will he be remembered as a great leader of the 21st century, a feckless tyrant, or a good-natured momma’s boy who was in over his head?

Ending Bigly, Eh? The Many Fates of Justin Trudeau is a speculative fiction anthology that examines Justin Trudeau’s possible futures. The sequel to Ending Bigly: The Many Fates of Donald Trump, Ending Bigly, Eh? features over 20 short stories, essays, poems, and more, offering a sardonic and insightful look at the countless roads that Trudeau, Canada, and the world at large may travel. Edited by Canadian author Bill Marchant, the book includes submissions from noted authors such as Jay Black, Titus F. Dreamlands, Justin Geoffrey, Faisal Marzipan, Gio Penn, and many more.


by Andy Nowicki

“Upon arising from bed, my mind was assaulted with these words: you will die soon. As long as you are alive, you have a full range of options. Take what you want; take WHATEVER you want.”

In the near future, the world becomes enraptured by a mystery drug called Muze, which promises to boost men’s confidence and help them find the woman of their dreams. After Muze becomes a hit among the incel community, one man becomes suspicious after his friend begins taking the drug and then “ascends,” vanishing without a trace. His investigation into his friend’s disappearance leads him to begin taking Muze himself, revealing a wider plot involving a pharmaceutical firm, a suicidal mental patient, a young woman bred to be the ultimate temptress, an amoral doctor, and more.

Muze is a disturbing glimpse at loneliness, sexual manipulation, and drug addiction in modern America. Andy Nowicki’s novella offers a sympathetic portrait of the men left behind by the sexual revolution, a condemnation of how Big Pharma preys on unhappy people, and an examination of the symbiotic relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the government.

unsqualified preservationsUnsqualified Preservations

by Mencius Moldbugman

“The ultimate heat death of a cold and infinite universe, where all love perishes and nobody would ever, ever love me, opened its mouth and swallowed me whole.”

A morbidly obese YouTuber and his anonymous Twitter nemesis. A young woman’s desperate attempt to find an apartment in London. A Chinese dumpling shop with a disturbing secret.

Unsqualified Preservations is a short story collection sitting at the intersection of sexual dysfunction and social anomie. In his literary debut, Mencius Moldbugman guides the reader through a morbid tableau of professional lolcows, loveless women, and workplace humiliation, shining a light on the very real horrors that many of us have come to know.

the longhouseThe Longhouse

Edited by Participation Frog

“Two instances come to mind where a man sacrifices all else for his method only to one day incinerate it without warning—traumatic brain injury and the prophesied arrival of his fantasy woman.”

The Longhouse is an anthology of 15 of the best short stories and poems originally submitted and rejected for the first volume of the Passage Prize, edited by Participation Frog. Spanning numerous genres and styles, The Longhouse showcases some of the finest writers of our generation, including stained hanes, J. Neira, Noble Red, and many more.

ewa mazierskaLove Cycles

by Ewa Mazierska

“Do you remember that I always called you ‘Adam?’ I did so without noticing that you were in fact Joseph. The biblical Joseph was helping Maria to look after her child; he was not meant to give her a new life, but only prepare her for a life without him.”

Love Cycles is a collection of 14 of Ewa Mazierska’s short stories examining relationships in the modern age. Criss-crossing different cultures and social classes, Mazierska’s trenchant prose shines a light on the everyday tragedies of failed marriages, middle-aged romances, sordid affairs, and other cycles of love and loneliness in our world.

dan balticNUTCRANKR

by Dan Baltic

“There would be no communion with the Allfather just yet, as Spencer’s Valkyrie had different plans. For Spencer, the road to Odin’s great hall passed through Human Resources.”

Life hasn’t been easy for Spencer Grunhauer. Fired from his NYC nonprofit job for writing a “reactionary” manifesto during work hours, he drowns his sorrows with high-end liquor and online porn while raging against the “Davos Daddies” and their plans to crush Western civilization. But when he meets a young woman on a BDSM dating site, Spencer takes it upon himself to indoctrinate her in the tenets of “the Project,” leading him down a rabbit hole of public humiliation and mental illness, culminating in a ill-conceived plot to take the “Davos Daddies” down once and for all.

NUTCRANKR is a comic examination of fringe ideology, social atomization, and sexual dysfunction in modern America. Dan Baltic’s debut novel is a sardonic look at a certain type of Extremely Online character we’re all too familiar with and what happens when their delusions and flights of fancy come into contact with the real world.