Coming Soon

This is a list of upcoming books from Terror House Press. All dates subject to change. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram for the latest news.


  • Rhythm and Mucous by Mather Schneider
  • Luminaria by K.H. Mezek
  • Psyche and Specter by Chris Moran
  • The Legend of Forenia: The Twilight Kingdom by T.J. Martinell
  • The Columbine Pilgrim (Audiobook) by Andy Nowicki (narrated by the author)
  • Lust by Benjamin Welton
  • Sick Inside the Citadel (Audiobook) by Benjamin Welton (narrated by the author)
Q4 2021
  • Blood Poppy by Jay Black
  • In the Shadow of the Belt by Serge Clause
  • Falling Through the World by Leslie D. Soule
  • Pietro’s Castle by Benjamin Welton

To Be Announced

  • Against the Grain by Jim Bates
  • GOPHER and Other Tales of an Unfortunate Childhood by Wayne F. Burke
  • Straddling Stanzas by Yuan Changming
  • Living the Dream by Michael Davis
  • Art Official by Kurt Cole Eidsvig
  • Catches and Snatches by Jalal El-Kadali
  • Mukk House Madness and Other Insanities by Rob Harrop and Christine Hillingdon
  • A Schmuck and a Succubus by Joseph Hirsch
  • Boogie in the Burgh by Patrick Kilgore
  • There’s Only Us by Craig Langley
  • I Always Knew This by Mare Leonard
  • Meme by Max Lethe
  • Bluff City (Audiobook) by David Lohrey (read by the author)
  • Low and Behold: Poems 2018-2022 by David Lohrey
  • Figments of the Near-Collapse by Nathaniel Lucas
  • The Pilgrim’s Digress (Audiobook) by T.J. Martinell (read by the author)
  • The Shadow Men by T.J. Martinell
  • The Secrets Men Keep by Jace Mathews
  • Super Code 17 by Jace Mathews
  • Toronto Grey by Jace Mathews
  • Glory Holes by Adam Matson
  • Love Cycles by Ewa Mazierska
  • Big Sampson Darkhorse by Sam McHall
  • Compendium by Harvard Milk
  • Triangle by C.J. Miller
  • Beauty and the Least by Andy Nowicki
  • The Doctor and the Heretic and Other Stories by Andy Nowicki
  • This Malignant Mirage by Andy Nowicki
  • Cross-Dressers from Pluto by Glenn Lazar Roberts
  • The Glow by Glenn Lazar Roberts
  • Judge Crater Takes a Powder by Glenn Lazar Roberts
  • The Warriors by Glenn Lazar Roberts
  • The Grove by Right Ruminations
  • Antusahr Ascending by Lennart Svensson
  • Lord of Hell by Nikolai Vladivostok
  • Crime by Benjamin Welton
  • Doomsters at the Drive-In by Benjamin Welton
  • First Fears by Benjamin Welton
  • Full of Frightful Dreams by Benjamin Welton
  • In the Company of Death by Benjamin Welton
  • Too Many Corpses by Benjamin Welton
  • By Any Other Name by James W. Wood
  • A Play Called Italy by XXXXX
  • Why There Was No Music by Liu Xingli