Coming Soon

This is a list of upcoming books from Terror House Press. All dates subject to change. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram for the latest news.


  • Lost Violent Souls by Andy Nowicki
  • Everything Fun is Illegal or Immoral by Charlie Chitty
  • The Last Sentry by Mikhail Drozdovsky (translated by Kirill Kaminets)
  • Under the Nihil (Audiobook) by Andy Nowicki (narrated by the author)
  • My Mentor, Death (Audiobook) by Leslie D. Soule (narrated by the author)
  • With Light and Dust (Audiobook) by Xi Nan and Fish Lu (narrated by Xi Nan)
  • In the Shadow of the Belt by Serge Clause
  • Broken Uterus by Cai Gentan (translated by Xi Nan)
  • Sick Inside the Citadel (Audiobook) by Benjamin Welton (narrated by the author)


  • Harv and the Big Collapse by Goddel M. Robert
  • Bergman’s Island and Other Poems by Ralph Monday
  • Full of Frightful Dreams by Benjamin Welton
  • Spectres of Saturn by Patrick Kilgore
  • The Pilgrim’s Digress by T.J. Martinell
Q2 2021
  • Guttersnipe by Jay Black
  • Psyche and Specter by Chris Moran
  • Heart Killer by Andy Nowicki
  • Dragon Day by Matthew Pegan
  • Scattered Scenes of Sex and Violence by Benjamin Welton
  • Freedom by Wang Yin (translated by Xi Nan)
Q3 2021
  • The Legend of Forenia: The Twilight Kingdom by T.J. Martinell
  • This Malignant Mirage by Andy Nowicki
  • The Grove by Right Ruminations
  • American Tragedies by Martin Rojas
  • The Secrets Men Keep by R. William Standish
  • First Fears by Benjamin Welton
Q4 2021
  • Poppy by Jay Black
  • Beauty and the Least by Andy Nowicki
  • The Doctor and the Heretic and Other Stories by Andy Nowicki
  • Doomsters at the Drive-In by Benjamin Welton
  • Lust by Benjamin Welton