Ending Bigly: The Many Fates of Donald Trump

“This collection is a surprise, and a welcome one, much like Trump’s presidency itself. In our social media goldfish minds, we may soon find ourselves wondering if Trump was ever president at all. That’s been debunked, they’ll say. Hillary was president from 2016 to 2020, then Biden. The stories in this collection are all true, as true as anything, truer than true. But no matter what fake news they publish, I won’t forget you, Donny, the first and last president of online.” — Zero HP Lovecraft, author of The Gig Economy and God-Shaped Hole

The Pilgrim's Digress

“In The Pilgrim’s Digress, T.J. Martinell envisages the establishment of a future tradition-based society that is part-M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village and part Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale, except this time around, the patriarchal theocrats are the good guys! Buy one copy for yourself and another for your favorite soy-sipping liberal so you can watch his head explode!” — Andy Nowicki, author of The Columbine Pilgrim and Under the Nihil


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The White Swan

“…Our institutions simultaneously command us to think for ourselves and to arrive at their predetermined conclusions; Faisal escaped this prison, and now he will show you his map. Your own exit may look different, but the first step to realize that this strange new territory awaits you.” — Zero HP Lovecraft, author of The Gig Economy and God-Shaped Hole

Everything Fun is Illegal or Immoral

“…Mr. Chitty’s work is an excellent addition to the growing corpus of underground and populist lit written during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. I enjoyed it so much that I coughed.” — Benjamin Welton, author of Sick Inside the Citadel and PANIC

Terror House Radio, Episode #45: Cybersex 2077

On this episode of Terror House Radio, Matt Forney and Bryden Proctor go solo to talk about Cyberpunk 2077, 90's movies, and classic video game consoles. They also discuss the history of Red Bull, malls in the Philippines, millennial/zoomer corporate bootlicking, and...

Terror House Radio, Episode #44: Queens of Poise

On this episode of Terror House Radio, Matt Forney and Bryden Proctor go solo to talk about dudes with two penises, the preponderance of transsexuality in the modern world, and farting in public. They also discuss burial rituals, joining a monastery, the future of...

Terror House Radio, Episode #43: The Art of Being Racist

On this episode of Terror House Radio, Matt Forney and Bryden Proctor go solo to talk about Fireside's "auditory blackface," terror management theory, and Internet porn. They also discuss why Corona is a terrible beer, momma jokes, the adventures of Baked Alaska, and...