There's Only Us

“In his debut novella, Craig Langley takes a familiar tale, i.e. the ‘zombie apocalypse,’ and makes it new by letting the reader see all of the terror and mayhem through the eyes of a child.” — Andy Nowicki, author of The Columbine Pilgrim and Muze

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“At some point, being aware of your sinfulness is so powerfully overwhelming that it becomes an end in itself. You still repent, but you’re not asking for forgiveness. You don’t want it. You want to be chastised, and you believe you can’t be punished enough. Being damned is now your aim.”

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Attention Deficit

“My advice is to leave, Doug. Just go. Go home and tell yourself that everything is wrong and that no one likes you. Make yourself feel a little better. Tell yourself that your podcast sucks and that life sucks and that you won’t ever be successful. Go ahead. I know that’s what helps you sleep at night.”

Art Official

“Art and intrigue commingle in a strange (and darkly comedic) tableau from author Kurt Cole Eidsvig. Art Official features a gonzo cast of characters, from a foul-smelling ‘General’ to a bumbling art teacher, all of whom form the nexus of an outlandish plot to save America with art following 9/11. Besides great characters and a mad plot, Art Official gets right the fact that modern art and espionage are familiar bedfellows, plus it serves as a reminder that art and culture have always been weapons of war.” — Arbogast, author of The Shanghai Horror

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NUTCRANKR Out Now: Buy it for 45% Off This Weekend Only

Terror House Press is pleased to announce the release of its 41st book: NUTCRANKR by Dan Baltic. NUTCRANKR is a satirical novel examining social atomization, fringe ideology, and sexual dysfunction in the modern world. Dan is best-known as the co-host of popular arts...

Ignatius J. Reilly Goes to New York: An Interview with Dan Baltic

This Friday, Terror House Press will release its 41st book: NUTCRANKR by Dan Baltic, a novel exploring social atomization, fringe ideology, sexual dysfunction, and other topics. Best known for co-hosting the arts and culture podcast New Write alongside Matthew Pegas...

Following the Patterns: An Interview with Ewa Mazierska

Tomorrow, Terror House Press will release its 40th book: Love Cycles by Ewa Mazierska, a collection of 14 short stories examining relationships in the modern era. A film and popular music historian, prolific short story author, and long-time contributor to Terror...