Under the Nihil

“Nowicki’s novels are always a deep dive into the abyss, but with an undertow of cosy humour and philosophical irony to soften the fall.” — Colin Liddell, author of Interviews and Obituaries

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Sick Inside the Citadel

“There’s only two authors that I like: Nietzsche and Benjamin Welton, and only one of them wrote The Gay Science. Nietzsche sucks.” — Bryden Proctor, Right to Bryden

With Light and Dust

“…sobering, poignant, compulsively readable, otherworldly, and painfully human.” — Manuel Marrero, author of Thousands of Lies and Not Yet

Into the Vortex

“…a stimulating and provocative read.” — Karl Wenclas, New Pop Lit

Terror House Radio, Episode #17: National Chinese Flu Memorial

On this episode of Terror House Radio, Matt Forney and Bryden Proctor go solo to talk about the history of blackface, pandemic economics, and the existence of God. They also discuss the experimental rock band Swans, 9/11 memorials in New York City and Pennsylvania, An...

Sick Inside the Citadel Out Now: Buy it for 40% Off This Weekend Only

Terror House Press is pleased to announce the release of its sixth book: Sick Inside the Citadel by Benjamin Welton, a collection of Welton's best short stories and poems focusing on horror, murder, perversion, and insanity. Welton is a long-time contributor to Terror...

Flash Sale: All Terror House Books on Sale for 12% Off Today Only

Americans have begun receiving $1,200 stimulus checks from the government to help them cope with economic devastation caused by the coronavirus-related shutdowns over the past month. Canadians have been receiving $2,000 stimulus checks from their government since last...

Terror House Radio, Episode #15: Make Sh*t and Die

On this episode of Terror House Radio, Matt Forney and Bryden Proctor go solo to talk about pandemic lockdowns, why so many memes are getting necroed recently, and the best comedy films of the 2000's. They also discuss the books of Mark Z. Danielewski, the definition...