Black Friday Sale

All Terror House paperbacks and audiobooks are on sale for 20 percent off, all e-books are on sale for $0.99 each, and all merch is on sale for 15 percent off through November 30.

The Legend of Forenia: The Twilight Kingdom

“When Jed Hayes inadvertently travels through a portal in the snow and finds himself in another world, he becomes part of a legendary quest as he joins up with Kara, the last remaining scribe of the Forenian language. Along with her loyal guardian, Telman, Jed and Kara attempt to form a resistance against General Grancaliga, a man whose ambitions drive him to want to become a god. Following the triad as they battle impossible odds in their flight from danger and attempt to pursue the threads of an ancient legend is a gripping adventure. It’s well worth the read.” — Leslie D. Soule, author of Fallenwood and My Mentor, Death

Psyche and Specter

“Chris Moran’s Psyche and Specter is a work that eats its own afterbirth and spits the rind right back on mom.” — Sean Kilpatrick, co-author of Anatomy Courses

Luminaria: Tales of Earth and Oran, Love and Revenge

“Reminiscent of Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49, Hannah searches through a world that doesn’t make sense, on a journey to read the tarot of the world, creating some semblance of order out of all of this chaos. Then we meet Natasha. And Lilly. And Adonai. Erolin. Farida. Jessica. Ith Daktar San. Mavis. Each of these unique characters forms the center of their own universe, their own place in the universe where space-time shifts, each its own shining Luminaria.” — Leslie D. Soule, author of Fallenwood and My Mentor, Death

Rhythm & Mucous

“These are touching pieces, full of pathos, and a great ending for this collection of strong narrative poems that tell stories of life as it is for a poet writing from out his experience, and not from theoretical understanding. A rich experience it is too, including mucus and other unpalatable effluvium, ugliness as well as beauty, laughter as well as tears: a sweet fragrance mixes with the stench here, on these pages, just as in life, in a dry inhospitable landscape like that of Schneider’s poetry, and everywhere else.” — Wayne F. Burke, author of Turmoil and Other Stories

Terror House Radio, Episode #72: The C*ck of Prometheus

On this episode of Terror House Radio, Matt Forney and Bryden Proctor discuss literature, philosophy, film, music, and more. The show will air live this evening at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific. Watch the show below (you can also use it to watch a recording after the show...

Psyche and Specter Out Now: Buy it for 33% Off This Weekend Only

Terror House Press is pleased to announce the release of its 31st book: Psyche and Specter by Chris Moran, a poetry chapbook examining metaphysics, human consciousness, reality, and more. Sean Kilpatrick has described Psyche and Specter as "a work that eats its own...