Attention Deficit

“My advice is to leave, Doug. Just go. Go home and tell yourself that everything is wrong and that no one likes you. Make yourself feel a little better. Tell yourself that your podcast sucks and that life sucks and that you won’t ever be successful. Go ahead. I know that’s what helps you sleep at night.”

Art Official

“Art and intrigue commingle in a strange (and darkly comedic) tableau from author Kurt Cole Eidsvig. Art Official features a gonzo cast of characters, from a foul-smelling ‘General’ to a bumbling art teacher, all of whom form the nexus of an outlandish plot to save America with art following 9/11. Besides great characters and a mad plot, Art Official gets right the fact that modern art and espionage are familiar bedfellows, plus it serves as a reminder that art and culture have always been weapons of war.” — Arbogast, author of The Shanghai Horror

Black Friday Book Sale

All Terror House paperbacks and audiobooks are on sale for 25 percent off, all e-books are on sale for $0.99 each, and all merch is on sale for 15 percent off through November 30.


“Dan Baltic mogs the discourse with an uproarious gutshot for every self-important pseudo-intellectual. A relentless, hilarious book.” — Brad Kelly, author of House of Sleep, co-host of Art of Darkness

Love Cycles

“Love Cycles is as rich in details as in its array of characters experiencing the ups and downs of love. Ewa Mazierska’s writing elevates life’s trivialities, giving significance to seemingly simple conversations and interactions and inviting the reader to ponder the relationships in their own lives.” Katherine Emily, Input/Output Enterprises

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Following the Patterns: An Interview with Ewa Mazierska

Tomorrow, Terror House Press will release its 40th book: Love Cycles by Ewa Mazierska, a collection of 14 short stories examining relationships in the modern era. A film and popular music historian, prolific short story author, and long-time contributor to Terror...

The Longhouse Out Now: Buy it for 50% Off This Weekend Only

Terror House Press is pleased to announce the release of its 39th book: The Longhouse, edited by Participation Frog. The Longhouse is an anthology of 15 short stories and poems that were originally submitted and rejected for the Passage Prize and includes...