The Shadow Men


by T.J. Martinell

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World War I, aka the Great War, was supposed to be the “big parade.” Democracy was on the march, and tyranny was on the way out. Sadly, the Bolshevik Revolution and the spread of communism in 1919 put the world on notice—the Red Menace was in the ascendancy, and no civilization was safe, even the United States.

Enter John Savage, Marlon Trent, and the shadowy organization known as STIGMA. A private intelligence agency with unlimited resources and well-trained operatives, STIGMA is dedicated to eradicating international communism. Savage and Trent are the best weapons of the free world, and they successfully repel multiple communist conspiracies, including one targeting Washington, D.C.

But, at the outset of the Great Depression, STIGMA is hollowed out and corrupted by internal divisions. Savage and Trent join other defectors and go on the offensive after both men are repeatedly targeted by gangsters and STIGMA operators obeying the orders of a devious U.S. senator with connections to Moscow. Can the two-fisted heroes survive? Or will they be “coped” just like any other STIGMA adversary?

T.J. Martinell’s The Shadow Men harkens back to the glory days of action pulp. This espionage thriller combines break-neck pacing, righteous violence, and weird science in its exciting yarn.


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Publication Date: June 17, 2024
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