by Max Lethe

Meme is also available in e-book format. To purchase the e-book edition, click here.

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  1. Cincinnati, aka the “Nasty Nati.”

Two UC students named Marcus and TJ seem like fairly average undergraduate slackers.

One is a prolific seller of marijuana, with clients including an all-star basketball player. The other practices the delicate art of chasing tail.

However, once they are behind a screen, Marcus and TJ are prolific far-right trolls. The duo’s social media victims seethe and cope, but no one can stop Marcus and TJ from being unfathomably based.

As the presidential election nears, the duo increase their activism, including posting spicy fliers and starring in one particularly infamous viral video.

Life for both starts to destabilize when Marcus decides to facedoxx during a troll session. One of their online antagonists turns out to be Sophia Cone, a Xavier student, party girl with loose morals, and a rabid Antifa activist who pens smear articles for the Huffington Post. Cone also happens to have a crush on Marcus, and when she recognizes his picture online, she decides to make him her next project. What follows is social terrorism, from physical violence to cuckoldry, all in the name of empathy and a major book deal.

Meme is a darkly comical and deeply uncomfortable exploration of social media politics, racial identity, and America’s low-level civil war. Max Lethe’s debut novel is about memes (the ones we imbibe, believe, and recycle), but it is also about what happens when the cyberspace world consumes the one of flesh and blood.


Meme is also available in e-book format. To purchase the e-book edition, click here.

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