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Terror House Press is an independent publishing house focused on nurturing and promoting the best up-and-coming writers of our generation.

Founded on May 14, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary by author and journalist Matt Forney, Terror House’s mission is to publish outsider literary fiction, literary nonfiction, and cultural criticism/analysis. We follow in the tradition established by trailblazers such as Fluland, Loompanics Unlimited, and Feral House, publishing works that are too edgy, unusual, or honest to be released elsewhere.

We stand against both the stultifying Beigeism of major New York publishing houses and the hysterical cliquishness of the “alt-lit” community. Both groups seek to crush literature by promoting an endless stream of hack immigrant coming-of-age stories and sterilized Iowa Writers Workshop pieces from pampered white trust-funders. Terror House Press seeks to cultivate the Charles Bukowskis, Louis-Ferdinand Célines, and Philip K. Dicks of the 21st century: bold, audacious writers who depict human life in all its ugliness and comedy.

Terror House Press has no political affiliations and pushes no ideological agendas. Our mission is to promote great literature regardless of who writes it.

Terror House Press also publishes Terror House Magazinea daily literary magazine.

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About Our Name

Terror House Magazine is named after the House of Terror (Terror Háza) in Budapest.

The House of Terror originally gained notoriety as the headquarters of the fascist Arrow Cross Party, which took power in a Nazi-backed coup in 1944 after Regent Miklós Horthy attempted to withdraw the country from World War II. After the war, it was repurposed as the headquarters of the ÁVH (State Protection Authority), the secret police of communist Hungary.

In 2002, the House of Terror was reopened as a museum dedicated to the horrors of fascism and communism.

Contact Information/Support/Email

For general inquiries, email Editor-in-Chief Matt Forney at admin [at] terrorhousepress [dot] com.

For support related to e-books and merch purchased directly from Terror House Press, email Matt Forney at admin [at] terrorhousepress [dot] com using the subject line “Support.” For merch orders, you can also contact Printful (which is responsible for fulfilling our merch orders) via the information in your order confirmation email.

For support related to paperbacks and hardcovers purchased directly from Terror House Press, contact at AerioSupport [at] IngramContent [dot] com.

For support related to Terror House book purchases from all other retailers, please contact that specific retailer.

To request a review copy of one of our books, email Matt Forney at admin [at] terrorhousepress [dot] com using the subject line “[TITLE HERE] Review Copy.” All reviewers will receive e-book copies in ePub, MOBI, and PDF format. To request a physical review copy, please provide your mailing address. Please allow two to four weeks for delivery.

To submit a manuscript for potential publication, email Matt Forney at admin [at] terrorhousepress [dot] com using the subject line “Manuscript Submission.” Terror House only publishes fiction, literary nonfiction, and poetry; other book genres will not be considered. Manuscripts must be a minimum of 10,000 words (with the exception of poetry chapbooks). Please include a summary of your manuscript so we can evaluate it faster. All manuscript inquiries will receive a response within six to eight weeks.



Matt Forney

aboutMatt Forney is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Terror House Press. He is an American author, journalist, and radio host based in Europe. Matt blogs at and is the author of eight books. Matt’s work has been featured at Return of Kings, Reaxxion, Taki’s Magazine, Right On, Red Ice, Affirmative Right, and other sites. He has also served as an editor at Return of Kings and Reaxxion.
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Art Director

Matt Lawrence

aboutMatt Lawrence is the world’s greatest graphic designer, musician, and humor columnist, as well as mankind’s last hope for salvation. He enjoys heavy metal, physical fitness, and the art of partying. Matt has lived in exotic and bizarre locations around the country, including Fort Collins, Colorado, Portland, Oregon, and Des Moines, Iowa. He currently resides in Thailand, home of Southeast Asia’s finest traffic accidents. Matt has been fumbling around with art and illustration since childhood, where he drew crayon pictures of dinosaurs on his parents’ walls. He’s since semi-retired from destroying nice things and transitioned into creating digital artwork for the enjoyment of all mankind.
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Audio Director

Bryden Proctor

aboutBryden Proctor is a comedian and the host of NPR’s This American Life.
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