Scattered Scenes of Sex and Violence

“Benjamin Welton’s Scattered Scenes of Sex and Violence is a remarkable book that defies categorization…Welton’s portrayal of the millennials is as a ‘lost generation,’ as Gertrude Stein once said. The heart of darkness in humanity dances across the pages in the form of meaningless sex, ear-destroying heavy metal music, unending boredom that is punctuated by an eternity of college beer pong tournaments…For his generation, Welton believes the meaning that they seek is ‘we crave the grave and the bedroom above all.’ Welton’s generation has lost its soul, had it stolen away, or never had one to begin with…Welton’s book may become the classic work of presenting the millennial generation as a culture waiting for the sun to rise and illuminate the darkness. — Ralph Monday, author of Empty Houses and American Renditions and Bergman’s Island and Other Poems

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“These poems are expressive of a life, a modern life, from a point of view that is both familiar to global readers and specific to unique aspects of the author’s culture. There’s a precision of perception, of moments chosen for illumination—unusual perceptions, such as the specificity of a cicada chorus or noticing only fallen blossoms. The reader becomes fully in the moment of the poem and thus gets to experience life from another point of view.” — Su Zi, editor of Red Mare

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“…My Mentor, Death is about a teacher. They are the teacher we meet, and some who leave us. It is about lessons of love, resistance, loneliness, isolation, and how lessons leave bruises, then sometimes break.” — Genelle Chaconas


“Guttersnipe is a raw, honest depiction of how modern Western countries use, discard, and isolate ordinary men until they finally break. In doing so, it accomplishes for our generation what David Morrell’s novel First Blood did for the Vietnam era. John Richter is a character with whom one can sympathize, until the killing starts. Black’s compelling novella doesn’t merely explore a man’s journey into terrorism, but also one of the great taboos of our times: how Western governments and societies create the very ‘boogiemen’ they seek to eradicate.” — T.J. Martinell, author of The Song of Wulfgar and The Pilgrim’s Digress

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“…a book that begins to repair the damage that society has wrought upon men.” — Roosh Valizadeh, author of Lady

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Terror House Press is pleased to announce the release of its 24th book: Freedom by Wang Yin, translated by Xi Nan. The English-language debut of one of China's best-known poets, Freedom is a bilingual poetry chapbook that discusses music, sex, modern life, and other...